Lady Sparkle Gets Arrested

from by Lazokaeи


Was the first song to be completed for this album. Was done around December 2009 and not finished until August 2011. Not because it too that long, but because like many songs, it just got "left" unfinished.

The background of the song is this. Lady Sparkle is a friend's "DJ name", rather than just write something simple, there was a hyperbole spin put on it. Hence the story the song tells.

The lyrical structure is definitely out of the ordinary for me with the rhyme being on the two middle lines of the verses. The vocals are all TTS synthesized and all in all the song comes out the closest thing to electro I've probably ever done. Reminds me of a Miss Kitten track in a way too, with all respect of course as this is nowhere near the level she gets too, far from it!! - But still a nice try :)


On the run
From the law
You know the score
So help me god

Doing drugs
That I bought
Then getting caught
That's all I know

Hurting all
That I know
Is how it goes
It's all my fault

I can't stop
Don't go my way
I just pray
This is the end

Ask yourself
Is this the end?
Ask yourself
Is this, the end?
Ask yourself
Is this the end?
Ask yourself
How does this end?

On my own
In an alleyway
I must pay
I have failed

One phonecall
Which I don't use
I was abused
I have noone

Lady Sparkle
Ask yourself
Do you want this

This ends here
This ends here
This ends here


from We Will Not Be Silent, released December 15, 2015
by Lazokaeи



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